Djamars i djárason mèrdia 12:34’or, solo lo ta posishoná règt riba nos kabes den e asina yamá zénit. Esaki ta sosodé tur aña na dos okashon; na aprel i na ougùstùs. Na e momentu ei e radiashon fuerte di solo riba nos isla lo ta na un máksimo kompará ku otro dianan di aña. Dor ku solo na e momentu ei ta pará règt riba nos kabes, ophetonan manera palu lo tira un sombra eksaktamente bou di nan, manera e potret publika ta mustra ku e sombra di e palmanan.
Dia 20 di ougùstùs próksimo solo lo ta den e mesun posishon aki un biaha mas.

Tuesday and Wednesday at 12:34 P.M. the Sun will be positioned right above our heads in the so-called zenith. This occurs twice every year; during April and August. At that moment the strong radiation of the Sun will be at a maximum compared to the other days of the year. Due to the fact that the Sun is located straight above our heads at that moment, objects like trees and masts will have their shadows exactly underneath, as the second attached image shows.
On August 20th the Sun will once more be in this same position.

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