WILLEMSTAD/KRALENDIJK – Entrante promé di yanüari 2021, Juri Kooyman lo asumí e funshon di CEO di Grupo Kooyman. E kompaniá di hardware i material pa konstrukshon a anunsiá esaki djabièrnè 3 di yüli. Juri Kooyman ta sigui Herbert van der Woude, kende a ehersé e funshon di CEO di Grupo Kooyman durante e último 14 añanan.

Den e seis añanan ku a pasa akí, Juri Kooyman tabata miembro di e Management Team di e Grupo, responsabel pa Store Operations i benta komersial (Commercial Sales). El a drenta e kompania na 2006 komo ‘Assistant Store Manager’ na Dakota, Aruba, pa despues di esei bira e promé Store Manager di e promé Megastore, establesé na Primavera, Aruba. E lo wordú lo siguí komo Senior Manager Operations pa Job Laboyrie, un manager di Kooyman eksperensiá kende aktualmente ta finalisando e proyekto di konfigurashon di e filial na Barbados.

Komo CEO, Juri Kooyman su prioridat lo ta pa sigui streamline i stabilisá prestashon di e Grupo komo konsekuensia di e krísis di Corona. Na mes momentu e lo enfoká su mes riba integrashon di e filial di Barbados den e merkado i komunidat lokal i riba e prosesonan di trabou general interno. Finalmente, e lo supervisá e esfuersonan pa realiniá ku e kultura di “kliente promé” di e Grupo despues di mas ku un aña ku e atenshon a desviá di esaki pa motibu di e implementashon di un sistema di kompiuter nobo. E espektativa ta ku e implementashon akí lo finalisá pa final di sèptèmber i lo forma e “backbone” di e strategia di transformashon digital di e Grupo pa prepará pa desaroyo den e merkado di futuro i na mes momentu sirbi su merkadonan di forma mas efektivo.

“Nos debe Herbert hopi danki pa su dedikashon komo CEO di nos kompania,” Presidente Bastiaan Kooyman a bisa. “Bou di su liderazgo, Kooyman a sigui desaroyá su mes den un minorista den material di hardware/konstrukshon lider den Karibe. P’esei nos ta kontentu ku e ta sigui usa su konosementu, ret di kontakto i eksperensia pa e kompania, drentando den e Konseho di Supervishon entrante promé di yanüari 2021.”

“Preparashonnan pa e momentu akí ta kanando pa basta tempu kaba. Nos lo realisá e kambio ofisialmente promé di yanüari i mi ta ansioso pa e dia ei,” segun e CEO entrante. “Kooyman ta konosí komo kompania ambisioso, inovativo i dinámiko ku ta hopi dirigí riba atenshon pa kliente. Nos ke mantené i fortifiká esaki. Ku e kresementu di e último añanan i e apertura di e filial na Barbados, nos ke ekspandé nos posishon di lider den e region, kontinuando ku nos strategia eksistente, pero na mes momentu tambe oumentá e enfoke riba digitalisashon i durabilidat.”


WILLEMSTAD/KRALENDIJK – Effective January 1st, 2021, Juri Kooyman will take over as CEO of the Kooyman Group. The Curacao, Dutch Caribbean based Hardware & Building Materials Retailer announced this on Friday, July 3rd. Juri Kooyman succeeds Herbert van der Woude, who has been the CEO of the Kooyman Group for the last 14 years.

Over the past six years Juri Kooyman has been a member of the Group’s Executive Management Team, responsible for Store Operations and Commercial Sales. He joined the company in 2006 as an Assistant Store Manager in Dakota, Aruba, after which he became the first Store Manager of the first Megastore, located in Primavera, Aruba. He will be succeeded as Senior Manager Operations by Job Laboyrie, a veteran Kooyman manager currently overseeing the completion of the Barbados store setup project.

As CEO, Juri Kooyman’s priority will be to further streamline and stabilize the Group’s performance in the aftermath of the Corona crisis. At the same time, he will focus on integrating the Barbados store into the local market and community and into the internal overall working processes. Lastly, he will oversee the efforts to re-align the Group’s “customer first” culture after more than a year of distraction due to the implementation of a new ERP system. This implementation is expected to be finished by the end of September and will form the backbone of the Group’s digital transformation strategy to prepare for future market developments and at the same time serve its markets more effectively.

“We are extremely indebted to Herbert for his commitment as our company’s top executive,” said Chairman Bastiaan Kooyman. “Under his leadership, Kooyman has further developed itself into a leading Caribbean hardware/building materials retailer. We are therefore pleased that he continues to use his knowledge, network and experience for the company with his accession to the Supervisory Board as per January 1st, 2021.”

“Preparations for this moment have been ongoing for quite some time already. We will be officially making the switch on January 1st and I’m very much looking forward to that day,” the incoming CEO said. “Kooyman is known as an ambitious, innovative and dynamic company that is very customer focused. We would like to maintain and further enhance this. With the growth of recent years and the opening of the Barbados store, we are looking to further expand our leading position in the region by continuing to pursue our existing strategy, but at the same time to also increase focus on digitalization and sustainability.”

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